• Emmaus worldwide

    Emmaus Worldwide exists to glorify God by providing biblically-sound resources and structured study materials for the purpose of teaching people from every nation to know Jesus Christ as Savior and to live in a way that is consistent with God’s Word.


  • Christian Missions In Many Lands, Inc. (CMML) was established in 1921 as a nonprofit, faith-based service organization to serve missionaries from the United States serving in cross-cultural missions overseas. CMML serves missionaries whom have been commended by local churches designated by the U.S. government as Plymouth Brethren. In 1972 CMML merged with three other missionary service organizations:


  • Believers Stewardship Services is a ministry designed to glorify God by assisting Christians accomplish their financial and estate planning goals in fulfilling biblical stewardship and by supporting local New Testament patterned churches and associated ministries with financial and governance related matters. 


  • Our mission as a biblical higher education community is to glorify God by educating and equipping learners to impact the world for Christ through faithful and effective service in their ministries, professions, and communities.


  • Welcome to Growing Christians Ministries, a Bible teaching ministry that was started in 1973 by Dr. David R. Reid, a faculty member at Emmaus Bible College and life-long student of the Bible. Dr. Dave knew that “becoming” a Christian is just the beginning. To “be” Christians, we must learn and grow! With this goal in mind, he began to develop ways to facilitate steady spiritual growth for Christians of all ages and stages. GCM has expanded from short essays (Devotions for Growing Christians, 1973), to lectures of concentrated material (Courses for Growing Christians, 1990), to audio messages (Talks for Growing Christians, 1994). In Talks for Growing Christians, Dr. Dave teaches through the entire Bible, chapter by chapter. All these resources will be helpful for growing Christians, and we hope that your faith will grow as you spend time with us.


  • Uplook magazine is intended to encourage the people of God in fidelity to His Word, fervency in intercessory prayer, labors more abundant and love to the Lord. Believing in the practical Headship of Christ and the local autonomy of each assembly, this is not intended to be an official organ of any group or federation of local churches.